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“Hukuk Dunyasi” Law Firm, founded in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan in 2014, is specialized in the  provision of professional legal services  serving  local, foreign and state owned companies, institutions and organizations in Turkmenistan.

We are committed to helping our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges.

From the moment of its foundation, Hukuk Dunyasi (translated as World of Law) Law Firm  has gained a reputation of reliable partner among its clients, focusing on quality and efficiency of legal services.

The founders and professional staff of Hukuk Dunyasi have a solid  prior experience of working in the governmental organizations, ministries and departments, law enforcement agencies, national oil companies as well as in a variety of industries.

Having   combined rich and significant experience and beingcommitted to the rule of law, ethics and compliance, our lawyers and specialists  are engaged in advising the client in a variety of economic, commercial, trade and investment projects.

Since its establishment, Hukuk Dunyasi  have conducted extensive work on preliminary clarification, legal analysis of situations in the context of commercial contracts, arbitration and pre-arbitration support of local and foreign companies. 

The corporate client portfolio of Hukuk Dunyasi includes companies engaged in the provision of services, products and equipment in various industries including:

  • Oil and gas;
  • Energy and natural resources;
  • Financial sector;
  • Telecommunications and media;
  • Healthcare;
  • Engineering and equipment manufacturing;
  • Food industry;
  • IT and software development;
  • International trade and export control;
  • Movable and immovable property.

Our lawyers and specialists also actively participate in seminars and conferences as well as engaged in the discussions with experts of the justice institutions and legislative experts in developing the approaches on effective application of standards and legal acts.

We have been engaged by our clients on a variety of matters including financial issues, compensations and debt collections, representation of our clients in the state authorities.

Our  lawyers and specialists work together as a team by reducing the cost and time spent in preparing various types of documentation for correspondence, clarifications, legal analysis, statements, refutations, cassation and other documents both in in the official state Turkmen language as well as in Russian and English languages as required.

We, at Hukuk Dunyasi, do not set the objective of criminal and administrative prosecution of our client’s opponents or engaging in costly and lengthy arbitration proceedings but focus on finding a practical solution  on financial settlement of relations, the possibility of offsetting mutual obligations, debts, offsetting the cost of goods, work, services and in general, finding the possibility of any lawful offset of other mutual requirements.

Over the past time, we have gradually reduced the time and cost spent on criminal and administrative proceedings on disputes of contractual parties, placing an emphasis on finding a pragmatic solution, considering all possible settlement options.

An important part of the legal support we provide is the analysis of the banking, financial and currency aspects of the legal matters and debt collection for our clients through arbitration and mutual settlement.

At the same time, the work of Hukuk Dunyasi is focused on the issues of establishing stability of already existing and improved relations between the parties in the contracts, which had previously been caused by difficulties in the foreign exchange and financial market, and we are committed to ensuring the continuation of new and productive existing contractual relations.

Hukuk Dunyasi lawyers effectively interact with government agencies, use professional approach to solve problems of any complexity, providing the necessary conditions to maintain a stable and dynamic business development for our clients.

The range of the corporate professional legal services we provide includes but not limited to the following areas: corporate law, direct investments, arbitration proceedings, taxation, labor and migration laws, licenses and permits. Please visit Services section of our site for more detailed information on the type of services rendered by our firm.

Having an extensive experience of working in diverse business and financial settings, possessing the local expertise, advising multinational oil & gas and energy companies, service and construction companies and other companies operating in a variety of industries on legal, tax, corporate, employment and other issues, we are committed to bring value for our customers and support them in achieving their objectives in the most efficient manner.

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